Claude Desjardins, Osthéopathe
Claude Desjardins, Osthéopathe

It’s the endless desire to help others who have led me to becoming an osteopath.

Listening to the needs and seeking well-being for my patients is what dominates my practice and what defines me as an osteopath. My practice is also oriented towards care based on listening, explanations, treatment and advice. My inspiring and relaxing workplace allows me to offer treatments that meet your expectations, in an environment that maximizes our chances of success. I believe in the importance of taking charge of one’s health, which often happens through biannual consultations with a manual therapist. The way we maintain our dental health by consulting the dentist, osteopathic treatments help maintain our body’s health.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy which a branch of complementary medicine. Using observations, I perform an overall osteopathic assessment of the person. I seek to find the cause of dysfunctions that can hinder the mobility of tissues of the human body.

My goal is to restore the structures and systems of the body in order to help the person regain the normal balance of his body.

I have also followed a course in Posturology (CIES). Posturology is a recognized discipline that examine the mechanisms of balance management and its dysfunctions. A posture that has imbalances, regardless of their origin, is costly in energy and inevitably generates muscle contractions, which are asymmetrical, unnecessary and often painful.

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    Comments from patients

    The environment is friendly, relaxed and proper to treatment. Claude uses your time well, and even gives you some of his own, he is generous. He is not miser with comments or explanations; he likes to talk in order to understand our needs.

    – Éric Langlois


    I really appreciate my meetings with Claude; he has a beautiful reflection, understanding and evaluation of the possibilities.

    – Cindy Crispino